Meet Cindy Taylor

It's possible to make money just living your best life

What in the world

is Ponies, Puppies

and a Husband?!

Ever since I was young- I always kind of did my own thing.

I left college to start my own business. It was late 80's and I started a personal shopping business.

I had no clue how to market it or promote it- so I only had a few clients- but I knew I wanted to

keep doing my own thing and not follow the traditional path most did.

This journey has had it's ups and downs for sure- but it proves to me that it is possible to make

money while living the life you love... it just might take some figuring out to do this.

This site is a compilation of different things that I do. My hope is that by sharing my journey

and things I have learned along the way- this might help you on your journey.

I will also share new things as I come upon them if I feel they might be helpful to someone.

This will explain why this site might seem a bit scattered- it covers ponies- sourdough bread-

my life in general- my online business- my pets... and proves my point...

You CAN make a living while living the life you love!

Other Places To Find Me:

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Come hang out with other people who are on the same journey as you are and ask questions in a low pressure environment. It's free to join.

TikTok Channel

Stay up to date with my freshest sourdough bread content posted daily.


Follow my Instagram to communicate with me directly. It's also where you can find me as a backup in case something happens to TikTok.

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